Register for the Beta Course!

Air five!

Thank you for your interest in helping to create a full-scale version of an online presentation course!

With your registration, you receive 6 weeks of presentation training and worksheets focusing on the following areas to improve your delivery:

- Managing stage fright and gaining confidence

- Structuring your presentations

- Storytelling 

- Breathing/Vocals

- Movement/Stage Placement/Body Language

- Entertainment (including humor, creativity, and interactivity) HINT: This is where most presenters drop the ball and lose their audience. It's easier to do than most people think.

Each lesson is recorded on a live Zoom call with partipants. Replays are available in a private Facebook group. Your honest feedback will help other presenters who wish to improve their public speaking performance! Thank you!

USD 197.00



Full-Version of Course

1-Month Membership

Access to Rick

You'll receive the completed online presentation course at no cost to you. The full-scale course will be made from your feedback in the beta course.
You'll get to test drive the soon-to-be-released presentation membership. This is a monthly deep-dive into presentation areas that will help you improve and stay on top of your game! Plus, you'll meet others who share similar challenges, tips, and celebrations!
For the duration of the beta course (6 weeks), you can get "extra help" with any presentations you may have, coming up. Rick will help you gain more clarity and help youfind the spots to improve in your performance.