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If you want to overcome your public speaking challenges and magnify your strengths, our training and coaching helps you thrive. We've worked with masters on the stage and in the workplace to create techniques and materials for your presentation success. Imagine what it will be like when you start achieving remarkable results!

Our training and coaching is ideal for professionals looking to improve their public speaking performance. We have worked with C-level executives, sales teams, engineers, managers, team leaders, marketers, professional speakers, non-profits, academic institutions, and more! Contact us today to discover how we can help you become a better presenter!

Training Packages

Presentation Elements​

This training provides you with the basic structure for creating powerful and memorable presentations. You will learn what the top speakers in the world are doing (and what they are missing), when they are in front of an audience.

You will receive:

-   6 weeks of skill development
-   Weekly info packet with focus on each week's lessons
-   Video recording & review
-   1 Follow-up session/Q&A

Presentation Renovation

If you have a speech, a pitch, a seminar, or any other type of speaking engagement, we'll help you improve it for bigger and better results. Whether you want to fine-tune your current presentation, or create an entirely new one, this is the training for you!

We'll review your current process, deconstruct your sections, and rebuild your presentation to make it more engaging and effective! If you're starting from scratch, you'll start from the foundation and produce a presentation that is tailor-made.

You will receive:

-   6-8 weeks of personalized training
-   A detailed review and overhaul of your presentation
-   Weekly check-ins for progress
-   Video recording & review
-   Presentation Elevation techniques
-   2 Follow-up sessions/Feedback

Shared Focus: On-Camera Training

Video content is growing at a rapid rate. If you aren't prepared for the camera, you won't attract the audience your message deserves.

This tactile training helps you spot your trouble-areas, and gives you strategies to rise above the mediocre and mundane videos being created by amateurs.

You will receive:

-   4 weeks of skill development
-   Weekly info packet with focus on each week's lessons
-   Video recording & review
-   1 Follow-up session/Q&A

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  1. Personal Performance
    Get feedback on your presentation prowess.
    We help you brush-up on the areas of your presentation that need addressed and give you ideas for dramatically improving your talk to get the results you want.
  2. Group Coaching
    Perform and receive invaluable feedback from your presentation peers.
    This 4-week coaching program will give you the opportunity to perform portions of your presentation in front of others who are looking to improve their public speaking skills, too. It's an incredible opportunity to receive positive support in a safe environment, which will help you craft an amazing presentation!
  3. Star Treatment - VIP Experience
    Master your presentation, for faster results!
    This coaching package offers a deep-dive into helping you create an exceptional presentation! You will learn all the secrets of great presenters and receive techniques to help you get the outcomes you've been wanting. It's a get-gritty-while-having-a-blast kind of coaching session.